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Scope of Work In Aviation Survey:

  • The nature of work in aviation industry is in terms of life in non life insurance in regards to survey.
  • The worthiness of the Aircraft/ Rotables /non-rotables is decided by means of its functioning on the system.
  • The system like, Hydraulic, Lubrication, Pneumatic & Compressed air are designated as organs of the aircraft.
  • These systems are functionally certified on the ground to prove their airworthiness.
  • The prime factor in the above system survey is by means of aircraft husbandry & corrosion prevention (AHCP).
  • The criteria of Hydraulic system are self-idling & non-self idling whereas the lubrication is wet & dry sump, same time for compressed air. They are L.P &H.P. compressed air.
  • The maintenance (i.e. schedule/preventive) are carried out in terms of hours, calendar & out of phase basis.
  • The logs are certified on the servicing document of aircraft duly recorded as per the DGCA&CAR including different types of forms in organization.
  • The various stages of operation & maintenance are termed as front line, 2nd,3rd & fourth line maintenance.
  • Every rotable with the stipulated life is maintained by means of log cards with embodiment of latest modification & test certificate.
  • Independence/random quality checks are conducted& recorded.
  • The mandatory inspection forecast is also reflected in the servicing forms post major inspection.
  • Independent checks on flying controls & engine control systems are monitored after the systems are disturbed.
  • The escape/detachable panels are supervisory checked after dismantling the system.
  • In case of any abnormal eventuality, the systems are to be checked for proper functioning [eg. Heavy landings, bird hit, impact damage lightening etc.]
  • Latest departmental/ station memos are also checked for proper embodiment.
  • Engine health monitoring (EHM)/NDT in-situ are recorded for ascertaining the system functioning.
  • The latitudes& extensions are recorded & checked in aircraft servicing documents if any.