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Bulk Liquid Discharge, Delivery and Loading Supervision:

  • On receipt of appointment, we commence coordination with vessel’s agents to ascertain the date and time of vessel’s arrival at port and subsequent berthing/ operations.
  • Gauge the vessel’s cargo oil / nominated tanks and ascertain the temperature of the cargo by methods prescribed under IP standards.
  • Calculate the quantity of cargo on arrival for a discharging vessel.
  • For a loading vessel, all nominated tanks, lines and accessible points for handling the cargo shall be checked for cleanliness and fitness to handle the cargo to be loaded.
  • Draw samples before discharge / after loading from the vessel’s nominated tanks as per the prescribed method and standards of IP.
  • Supervise the entire discharge / loading and maintain a time sheet of the same. Protest for any discrepancies observed in the quantities determined and / or any observed during the operations.
  • Inspect cargo tanks for emptiness after discharge.
  • Inspect shore tanks prior receipt for ascertaining the cleanliness of the same to store the product.
  • Gauge the tanks before and after completion of receipt to determine the quantity of cargo received / dispatched.
  • In case receipt is into barges, the same shall also be inspected for cleanliness to receive the cargo.
  • If tank trucks are used for receipts, the same shall also be inspected for cleanliness.
  • The tare and gross weights of each truck shall be noted over the nominated weighbridge to determine the quantity of cargo received.
  • As and when required by our principals the trucks will also be sealed using our monogrammed numbered plastic seal.
  • We also undertake assignment for the determination of Bunkers on board any vessel.
  • As a stand-alone inspection, Remaining On Board surveys are also undertaken to determine the volume of cargo remaining on board on completion of discharge.
  • We also undertake any investigation arising out of a quantity loss or contamination occurring for a shipped cargo.
  • On completion of each stage of operation our clients are kept fully informed of the details of the same by means of telephone, fax or email. A final report on operations is prepared on completion of the entire operation.
  • We also have the requisite expertise to give our opinion on the monetary claim that can be arrived at on the basis of the loss that may have occurred during a certain operation.
  • In addition to the above, we are also approved by Solvent extractors Association of India as surveyors/Ansalysts for agro bases commodity.